This is my story of my journey from Confusion to Clarity, Risky Career Pivoting, Grinding from Scratch and finally Reaching the High-Paying UX leadership Roles in top Design, Tech and Business Consultancy firms.

it was 2001 and i was grinding with my first job after college with a leading Media company as part of its online team. Most of my work involved with creating and managing content on a daily basis. From the first year itself i knew content was not going to be my future. But i was not sure in which direction should i take my career. As i settled down to my job, i observed that readers were glued with some content and certain pages while they bounced off quickly from other pages. This made me very curious about user behavior and psychology. As i began to read, unknowingly i walked into the fascinating world of User Experience and Human Computer Interaction. And as i began to dig deeper into UX, i knew user experience design was the direction i should take. But i was totally unsure how to make a career in UX and there was hardly any UX design positions in India at that time.

Trial & Error of 6 long years:

I wanted to gain knowledge about a domain that was very much in its infancy. I read, noted down everything possible. I was getting bored with the content management that i was doing as part of my full time job. I was getting frustrated with the job i was doing and desperate to try my hands with what little i have learned in UX. But there was any opportunity, at least that was how i thought. So After almost 5 years into learning UX, i realized my progress was painfully slow. And i needed to do something.

Acts that changed the course of my progress

And then it was December of 2007 and the content team was meeting to plan the content for the xmas, newyear and the vacation when the traffic spikes and marketing team makes good money out of th traffic. When i presented the idea, i found myself suddenly drawing a rough boxy shapes of the microsite on the whiteboard. And i heard someone from Senior Management referring to what i drew as “Wireframe”. All through the rest of my presentation, i kept glancing at the board admiring the first UX “artefact” that i had designed. It made me realize that whatever i had been learning all those years, was flowing down into practice. I took this as a starting point. I wondered what all other things that i learned, i could apply in my daily job.

Those were days way before HTML5 and Media queries. Those were days of installable fonts. This was a serious handicap with local language media on the internet. As always home page of our newspaper’s website was the most sought after and marketing team fought for every possible pixel on the home page to sell to meet the revenue target. Deep inside me I had appointed myself as the “warrior for the user” in a world dominated by marketers and technology geeks. So i decided to confront the marketing team as a one-man army.

All i wanted was a few pixels on the home page above the fold (first scroll) to carry a link to font file that user can download and install in his/her system. But marketing team came down on my with all the fire power they had. But i had my UX knowledge with me to fight back. I collected the customer complaints related to font issues along that came in the past one year and proved to my management and marketing team that, so many of our readers are unable to read our newspaper. I explained that the advertisements would only be read if the font rendered properly and there was a positive user experience. I got my pixel where i showcased the font link and i solved one of the biggest issues faced by readers of our website. This was the first “Data-informed” UX design decision of my life.

Towards the end of 2009, i decided to take a month break and create a plan for UX career. Based on that plan, with small but sure success implementing UX process, i began to apply everything i learned about UX into my content management role. This became the foundation of my UX knowledge. Along the way i began to document the processes and the successes i had. And i gathered momentum and my progress became streamlined and fast. This made me more confident to apply for the full time UX position with nothing but 10 years of content management as my full time experience. The documentation and the thorough knowledge i could present during the interview, i was offered the high-paying UX position in one of the Big 4.

By now i knew what i was supposed to do. Ever since my UX career journey was as smooth as a walk in the park. From content management, i successfully transitioned into a UX Designer. In another 3 years i became Assistant Manager UX, Project Manager-User Experience, Senior UX Consultant and across many other UX Leadership positions.

The Pain & The Secret

I know that many of you are in a position of frustration and desperation. You want to move to UX as a new career or as your first career. But you just don’t know how. I know how it feels because i was exactly in your position back in 2006 when i was toiling with content management and wanted to move to UX. But the good news is that, you have found me. Now you dont have to struggle as i did. Because i am here to help you out and handhold you to a high-paying UX career that you always wanted. All along my UX career, i keep getting questions about how to make a great career in UX.

So in the last one year, i distilled all my learning into a Quad-core framework that can take you from almost no-knowledge of UX to a high-paying UX job in a matter of 6 months, provided you commit to learn and work smart.

Quad-Core Framework

This Quad-core framework consists of 4 actions. They are Learn, Apply, Build and Showcase. These actions are integrated into the framework in the following way –


– 8 UX Courses with 90+ video lessons

– 1 Figma video collection

– Weekly Knowledge Bites x 2 per week.


– 100 + Practice Problems

– Weekly Assignments

– Learning Submissions


– 5 Full Projects (Both mobile & Desktop products)


– Saturday Discussion calls

– Portfolio preparation Sessions

– Interview Preparation Sessions

Now you have 2 options, 1 – go on with what you have been doing and continue working at a job that and stay confused or 2 – Be an action taker, click on the link below and start following the system and reach a High-Paying UX job as soon as possible. I am not sure what your choice is going to be, but if i were you in your position, i would have clicked on the link below that will take me to the courses, so that i can reach my dream UX job asap.

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