Too many customer complaints? Here are 5 ways, you never considered, to fix them


Accomplishing one’s work to the client’s satisfaction can always be a tough business to go about. Here are 5 essential ways of creating a distinguished customer experience, that will take you a long way.

Commit Random acts of kindness:

It can be just listening to the customer. It may not always be a flashy app or discount. Kindness is always repaid with loyalty. has identified unexpected acts of kindness as a major and meaningful trend in business.

Be proactive:

Check with customer and uncover problems of the customers before they need to contact the business. Use technology and social media to listen to users’ problems. Fix issues even if it takes resources and time because, investment in improved customer retention is far better than investing to rebuild the brand’s reputation and then attract new customers to replace those whom you’ve lost.

Offer a plus one to every customer interaction:

Offering a plus one is more of an actionable way to coach employees to surprise and delight the customers. In each interaction with the customers try to find an unexpected additional benefit that is unique, thoughtful and relevant to both your business and your customers. This can add a good measure of creativity to add surprise and delight to every interaction.

Show your gratitude:

Give a truly special and memorable offer to the customer and open doors to do business again in the future. Just take a moment to call up a person to say “Thank you”. Take advantage of those moments in order to make the interaction more meaningful. Tell them they made your day better and cite back on the app or web that they had said.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes:

Research suggests that an associate’s ability to convey empathy can make or break your business. Try to genuinely help like how the Virgin Atlantic helped a British passenger who got robbed off everything in New York, to get back home. Share the story on social media and spread the word. Build the brand and make loyal Customers for life.