One factor that makes or breaks AI systems; It is not technology


Intelligent systems have been exposed to continuous scrutiny, as mainstream awareness, standards and government mandates increase. It is for this reason, trust plays a key role when it comes to AI systems. Ads should not only convince the customer of the liability of the product and prompt the customer to buy it immediately. It should also try to maintain the initial promise made by the brand. So that the customer would return to buy the product again.

Consumers tend to buy products from companies that they trust. Consumers trust those companies that keep the consumer data private, without security breaches or scams.

When a user purchases a product and it fails to function soon, then the user loses the trust on the company and not on the product. A negative association with the brand affects users’ long-term engagement with the brand.

So, companies that work with AI systems need to take a firm, unambiguous, ethical stand to gain the trust of the consumers.

These companies also should be in the forefront of designing ethical practices. The trick is to collide the ethics of advertising with the customer’s trust of brand. Taking into account the consumer’s behaviour, the product should be delivered in a manner that corresponds to the aforesaid values, so as to gain the trust of its consumer.

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Dr Daria Loi, Principal Engineer at Intel

I am a senior technical leader, with a 20+ years industry and academic experience. My goal and passion is mixing design strategy with agile user experience research and innovation to enrich people’s everyday life and humanize technology. ​My current focus is Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on tackling ambitious, complex, critical challenges and ensuring AI futures are human-centric. Some of my most recent work focuses on smart spaces, sensor technology, ageing in place, and AI ethics. Prior to Intel, I worked as an architect in Italy and Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University in Australia. ​I am a committee member and reviewer for international journals, institutes and conferences and conducted research and presented in 6 continents. In 2018 I was recognized as one of Italy’s 50 most inspiring women in tech (InspiringFifty initiative).