UX Must-Reads

A Date with Crime

2030: Sienna Tales: Episode 3: Sienna meets Sidharth, and finds out about his illegal past. She also gets a view to what he is today. Inventions on the confluence of Biotech, Genomics, Visual and Performing […]

Sienna tales_episode2_Mirror_Mirror_on_the_wall
UX Must-Reads

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

2030: Sienna Tales: Episode 2:  The changing face of retail with 3D printing as the primary method of manufacturing. Be it fashion or medicine, its the only truly personalized method of delivery. How mixed reality […]

UX Must-Reads

Saved by CASPR

2030: Sienna Tales: Episode 1: Sienna’s tales give you futuristic insight on how things pan out for us in 2030. Can the TV filter out ads and personalize them for your context? Can the fridge […]