Feel that Web Developers can also Design UX?

But why do companies pay more to UX Designers?

Definitely a web developer can. But it depends on how good is his/her knowledge of UX. If the we developer can do proper user & stakeholder research, understand their pain points, come up with solutions in an iterative fashion through usability testing, arrive at a solution that bridges user goals & business objectives, then by all means he/she should do UX.

The web developer will have to do this over and above the coding of the product.

  • Designing UX is a full time job, just like web development. Its good to remember that UX is not as easy as you download a template, or copy an existing design or even use a js library or framework that claim to have all the UX. This may work at times. But as the business problems get more complex, real user Research is the only way to understand the user behaviour, their pain points and aspirations.
  • UX is also about the conversion of the users into paying customers. So UX has huge bottomline & revenue implications.

Web development on the other hand is equally important for the business because that matirializes a product, but for a user or buyer the most important things are-

  • The Experience of the product,
  • How easy the product is to use.

As product differentiations are things of the past, and all products eying the same user profiles, UX has become the only true product differentiator in the market.

Because of these 2 reasons and many others related to cost, revenue, business tend to give more importance to Ux. And thats why in certain companies, UX designer gets paid more than a Developer.

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